There's a true story in that trademark registered in 1982. It tells a story of a passionate dream and an ongoing journey: it's the story of Time Out. It has the flavor of time, which is our most precious thing. Our brand has a strong identity made up of rites and passion, and aimed at making other people happy. Our roots run deep in a sort of unique sacredness.

Time Out staff is a sort of "doctor" for its clients: it helps them feel better through a fashionable style. Our history begins with a challenge that leads toward a nearly impossible feat: we opened a clothes shop where there were already twelve of them. Everyone - from the other companies down to common people - kept telling us that we were going nuts. Yet, as the singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti put it: "No dream comes true without a touch of madness". Those who were once known as "clerks" now become personal shoppers, who help other people shop and give advice to customers. We are always after excellence and exceptionality. We move around Italy and Europe to discover brands, materials and shapes that fit our clients. We infect them with our enthusiasm for our collections, newborn yet highly fashionable, colorful. We invest a lot to train our staff, with professional classes held by teachers the likes of Franco Cesaro (expert in family business), Julio Velasco (a former volleyball coach of the Italian national men's team), Sebastiano Zanolli (high-quality educator), Claudio Belotti (the pioneer of neuro-linguistic programming in Italy) and many more.

After 30 years of business, in addition to our long-standing stores Time Out, Time Out Kids and our two Factory Stores - Time Out Factory East (in the heart of the historical city centre) and Time Out Factory West (in San Benedetto di Lugana) - our journey continues with the opening of a new fashion store named Time to be. We followed the market trends and the change of our customer's tastes in fashion, and we drew inspiration from a new american concept of store: a young, lively, friendly and affordable shop, where the quality of our products and our staff commitment are the cornerstone of our business.

This is our history, a history built upon our passion and, especially upon our customers support: THEY are the real key players of Time Out world.


TIME OUT S.R.L. ABBIGLIAMENTO - VIA CASTELLETTO n° 1 - 37019 - PESCHIERA DEL GARDA (VR) - TEL: 045/6401288 - P.IVA: 03216730238